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Steven Wagenberg

How Tranzport creates simplicity in a market that is ready for it

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, many new applications are overloaded with features that take away from the actual solution the software was designed to provide in the first place.   These bells and whistles are nice to have especially for promotional purposes, but rarely do they meet the actual needs of the end user. This is especially true in transportation. With the rampant use of expensive, closed, fragmented and time-consuming legacy systems, many companies are just looking to do things better and more efficiently.


I recently read a posting by Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics called Simplicity-as-a-Service: A New Value Proposition for Software Vendors and 3PLs?, where he speaks about how in JDA’s internal lingo they use SaaS to mean “Simplicity-as-a-Service” and I could not agree more.   I have spent the last two years studying and researching the telematics and technology landscape for the trucking industry and the one thing I can tell you is that most players, large or small, have missed the boat when it comes to a simple, useful, and efficient products.


The telematics industry has come a long way with the advent of installed cab technologies and mobile applications.  All types of data, ranging from driver location to vehicle diagnostics, are readily available. In logistics, specifically in trucking, people and their relationships are a huge component of the process lifecycle.  The disconnect that currently exists because of the many layers to the fragmented process is what accounts for the majority of problems.  Information is critical but so is the ability to act on it directly with those involved.  With this overwhelming amount of data comes the responsibility of analyzing and interpreting the data in real-time to be able to make real-time decisions and take effective immediate action.


That is where Tranzport is different.  The Tranzport team, made up of industry veterans and technology experts, has been listening to the voice of the end-users, and has created a product that integrates seamlessly into the existing workflow of the industry. By introducing simple, innovative technologies that will enhance the lives of these customers, Tranzport improves but doesn’t completely change the way they work.  The addition of essential and needed functionality for real-time proactive action in communications, visibility, transparency, and accountability makes Tranzport your one-stop, all-encompassing solution for the Trucking industry.

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