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The Tranzport Press Kit includes information, specs and photos for the company and our apps.

Who we are

Tranzport’s innovative approach seeks to resolve market imbalances by driving costs down for market participants while increasing value for the benefit of the triple bottomline: People, Planet, Profit.

Our Story

We build smarter networks of Tranzporters, Shippers and Receivers, powered by Machine Learning.

The freight hauling market has been plagued by inefficiency and outdated practices for decades. Sophisticated shippers encounter ceilings of complexity when dealing with brokers who still operate phone and paper based, legacy businesses.

A typical shipper struggles to coordinate with regional brokers who then provide value by going through the inefficiencies to contract fragmented carriers and independent drivers to transport freight.

A second level of inefficiency exists within contracted truckers who often carry less than truckloads and drive empty legs. In the USA alone an estimated 20 billion empty miles are driven.

Tranzport saw an opportunity to solve these problems with cutting edge, easy-to-use artificial intelligence based solutions to disrupt a market that is ripe for revitalization and ingenuity.

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